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Puppy's First Grooming
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Molly's pups (& Pepin-Jack) on July 17, 05. These 4 week, 4 day old pups are being introduced to the clippers for the first time. At this age they have no fear of the clippers, in another week or two some might.

They are in a setting that is non-intimidating, playing on the floor with their siblings. As you'll see they take the clippers in stride. Some will even fall asleep while being clipped. Starting them at this age - and clipping every few days even though it's not needed for grooming purposes - gets them used to grooming with no stress and no fight. By the time they are 8 weeks old they will sit on the grooming table for grooming as if they are old troopers. Since grooming is a big part of a poodle's life it seems worthwhile to give them this extra training that will make it easier (a lot easier). 

This is a long clip. It starts just after the pups have awakened from one of their many daily naps. As you'll see by the end of it they are ready to go back to sleep. Twenty five minutes is about how long they usually last between naps at this age.

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