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Austin's Big Trip
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Mom hardly ever leaves us but in May ('06) she had places to go. She was having her debut as a movie star. Mom thought it was pretty funny that her claim to fame was being a hippy but that's what put her in the movies. Her friend Bruce made a documentary about the commune our mom used to live in a long time ago. Mom was one of the stars of the movie. She said "Michael Moore, eat your heart out" but we didn't know what that meant.

Mom didn't know what to do because she really wanted to go to the movie premier but she never left us all alone overnight before and she was really nervous about it. Dad said he would take good care of us so she decided she could go. She wanted to take me with her but that was an "unnecessary expense" until she realized that I shouldn't be left alone with Panama. Panama and I are friends except when one of the girls goes into heat. Then he fights with me sometimes and I'm too little to fight with him. Mom said that was as good a rationalization as any so she packed up my stuff and we off we went.

There was one other dilemma. I'm not sure what a dilemma is but humans seem to have a lot of them. Mom never housetrained me. She didn't have to. When I was a baby and I got here I used the litter box. It just seemed like a good idea. Pretty soon after that I saw that all the other dogs were going outside so I went with them. It was easy because we have a doggie door and don't have to wait for a human to take us out. Mom thought I might not know not to pee in Aunt Vicki's house - or the airport - since there is no doggie door in either one so she dressed me in a diaper and a onesie. Mom says that Aunt Vicki is fastidious. I would never pee in Aunt Vicki's house or the airport but mom didn't know that then and it was ok cause I liked traveling and wearing clothes was a small price to pay.

We had to wait a while at the airport. My travel bag got searched. I never heard of a terrorist poodle but mom said they are doing all kinds of stupid stuff to make us feel safe. It didn't matter to me. I always feel safe when I'm with mom.

They actually have changing tables at the airport. I didn't know that enough poodles would need changing to merit a special table.
A nice lady at the airport took this picture of us. Grandma says you should never talk to strangers but mom says if you didn't talk to strangers how would you ever make any friends.

She also said there is something wrong with the camera. It made her look terrible but I was so cute she had to use the picture anyway. 

This was mom's view from the Airplane.
I didn't get a view. I was under a seat. It was ok though because if I can't get on mom's lap I sit under her chair.
I had a lot of fun at Aunt Vicki's house. I got to play on carpet. (We don't have carpet at our house.) It's like having a bed that covers the whole floor! Mom kept saying what a good boy I was cause I peed when she walked me and not in my diaper. (How silly. Peeing in a diaper is disgusting and I'm as fastidious as Aunt Vicki.)

It was the first time in my life that I was an "only dog". I liked it a lot but I was glad to get back to the paque. I missed them.

This is us at Mom's movie debut. She was being very silly. She said, "Hey, this is my 15 minutes and I'm going to have fun".

She also said that a poodle added to the movie star mystique.



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