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Small Dog Car Seat - Make Your Own
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Our car seat is not fancy but it is cheap, safe and the pups love riding in it.
Quality tested and approved by Dixie (left) and Skidget (right)
The picture below shows you how to do it. You can run the seat belt through the top of the milk crate or the bottom as shown by the two arrows in the picture. Use a belt to secure the crate to your head rest. This picture shows a shoe box under the crate to stabilize it at the right height. It needs to be high enough that your pup can see out the window when sitting.
For the harness clip you can use a cut down leash or a leash clip at the end of lightweight rope or webbing. Make it just long enough to allow the pup to comfortably lie down in the seat. This must attach to the puppy's harness. Never attach it to a collar.

For young puppies I put towels in the bottom of the crate. Once I know the puppies are past car sickness I replace the towels with a pillow.

Now that you get the idea you can probably come up with something that works as well and looks better. Be sure to share it with us!

Note: Unlike the makers of human car restraints I have no way of knowing what the safety rating of this seat would be. I do not claim that it will save your dog's life. I do believe that it keeps the dog much safer than sitting on a seat with no restraint and it keeps the driver safer too.

Revised: 05/27/05.
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