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Consider a Rescue Dog
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Please consider the less fortunate dogs.

If you're not 100% certain that you want a poodle please consider a rescue. If you're certain that you do, why not call your local shelters first and see if they have any. Poodles are not very common in the shelters but they are not unheard of so it's worth a try. I will gladly forego the sale of a puppy if it means saving the life of a dog less fortunate than my own. 

If you do buy a purebred dog please remember the many dogs living in shelters around the country. We have adopted a policy of donating to an animal protection or rescue organization the same amount of money we spend on toys, silly carriers, or other luxuries for our dogs. It's not the only money we donate to animal related organizations but it's something we always do and it's fun. (Here's a helpful tip too: you never feel as guilty for the ridiculous amount you spend on dog luxuries if you donate an equal amount to a good charity. The more silly stuff you buy your dog, the more you help other dogs! )

Only buy a purebred dog from an excellent breeder. There are some "very nice ladies" whose demeanor disguises the fact that they run puppy mills. Be an enlightened buyer. If the time comes when - for any reason - you can no longer keep your dog, don't sell it to someone you know nothing about. Return the dog to the breeder who can find a great home for it or keep it. (We will re-train puppies/dogs if necessary and either keep them or find them a wonderful home, not just any home.) It is a breeder's responsibility to do this and it is your responsibility to make sure your dog has a good life for it's whole life.

Spay or neuter your dog. It will be a better, healthier pet and it will not create any future homeless dogs.

Our Deva (pictured on this page) came from the Horry County Animal Shelter in 1996. She was only 6 weeks old and adorable. There has not been a day in her life when she did not provide us with pleasure and loads of love. The poodles all adore her and she is a very good mom to all of them. The thought of dogs like this being killed because they were irresponsibly bred or dumped just breaks my heart.  

Some animal rights groups believe that every time a breeder sells a puppy it is taking a place that could have been filled by an existing homeless dog. If I believed that I would stop breeding dogs but I know that it's not true.

There are many different reasons for someone wanting a particular breed or size of dog or a dog from a particular breeder. Many of those people would not (or could not) take a rescue dog instead. I staunchly defend their right to have the dog they want and my right to provide it.

I love poodles and I want poodles around me. I'd be very upset if I lost that right due to the irresponsibility of other people who allow dogs (or their puppies) to end up in shelters. To keep from being one of those irresponsible people adding to the unwanted pet population I promote spaying and neutering of pets and I will always take back any dog that was bred by me.

If you're a dog lover, love them all. 



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