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Listed on this page are organizations I belong to, publications I subscribe to and sites that I get newsletters or info from.

Clicker Training - www.clickertraining.com Karen Pryor is my hero and her book "Don't Shoot the Dog" is one of my favorite books from all genres. If you want a well trained dog and aren't near me go to this site and start getting acquainted with clicker training.  (I don't pretend to be anywhere near the trainer that Karen is. I do however have all the tools and videos and am willing to share them (NOT copy them) with anyone local.

American Kennel Club - www.akc.org Although not all of my dogs are AKC registered (some are CKC) I rely on information provided by the AKC. Their web site is very well done (a major compliment from me since I do web programming for my "real job".) Dogs can be registered by many different registries but the AKC is the last word in dogs.

Association of Pet Dog Trainers - www.apdt.com This will probably not be as useful to the one or two dog household as it is to me and the membership is $75 a year which is a lot of Kong toys. I do belong to this organization because I'm an obsessive researcher. These folks also offer a certification in Dog Training which I considered getting but I reconsidered. No dog has ever asked to see my credentials before allowing me to work with it. 

Dog Fancy Magazine - www.dogfancy.com

Other Stuff

The Educated Puppy - www.theeducatedpuppy.com  If you're in New York City (or better yet, Brooklyn) and need help contact my good friend Bobbi Giella, owner of The Educated Puppy.

Janimals - www.janimals.net Need pet sitting in New York? My sister Jan does pet sitting and cage-free boarding. (She's the cat person. I'm the dog person.)


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