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Traveling in Cars (and Trucks) with Dogs

How does your dog travel? The picture above (left) was taken from my car a few weeks ago. People scare me to death when they travel this way with dogs but I know a lot of dogs love it and a lot of dog lovers travel this way. It may be better than making the [...]

Containing Dogs & Walking Dogs

ShareThis article is in response to the comments on the  piece I wrote Tuesday, Getting the dog in the bag.
There are some big differences between owning big dogs and little dogs. Some of us have both. It is sometimes like having two different species of pets because the lifestyles can be so different.  I know [...]

Getting the dog in the bag

ShareI bought a really nice travel bag on Ebay and it arrived yesterday, earlier than I expected.  It’s not for any one of the littles in particular but will work for Baji, Brighid or Java.  We have numerous carriers/roller bags/strollers and they are all good for different things. I really intended this bag for smuggling. [...]

Moving – It’s rough on dogs.

ShareImagine going for a ride and when you get home your house is no longer there. A completely different house has taken it’s place but people are acting like it’s your house. Your stuff is not there. (Stuff being familiar smells mostly – I think smells substitute for what we think of as memory a [...]