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Cleaning Dogs’ Ears

ShareMy poor Deva has an ear infection and I am having that “Bad Mom” feeling even though I know I’m a good mom. Ironically, the 5 poodles have spotlessly clean ears and the American Eskimo mix has the infection. The reason for this? Simple. I’m always concerned about poodle ears because infections are common among [...]

Who’s Your Emergency Vet?

ShareDo you know what time your vet’s office closes? Do you know if there is someone on duty all night? Are they open on Saturday? You probably don’t need to know these things today but on the day you do it might be too late to make an alternate plan.
Veterinary practices vary widely. Some vets [...]

National Pet Dental Month

ShareI’ve been informed – through advertisements mostly – that February is National Pet Dental Month. (I hope it’s still Black History Month too but that’s another topic.) I have a lot to say about pet dental health and as only you dog lovers will understand, I can get huffy on the subject of dogs’ teeth. [...]

Kill Fleas Cheaper

ShareWe hate fleas.  Some of you are lucky enough to live in an area where fleas don’t become a real problem. We have a problem with them.  For years I’ve used Advantage to get rid of them.  A few people have asked me lately about Advantage Multi which also protects against heartworm.  Although all of [...]