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Imagine my displeasure…

ShareDispleasure is an understatement. Dog poop indoors is never a happy event. There really is no good place for a dog to poop indoors but that doesn’t stop them from finding the absolute worst place and using it. This morning Ken said he had cleaned dog poop up in the living room. “Odd” I thought. [...]

Yucky Dogs! What a mess.

ShareI really don’t like gross yucky stuff. I also don’t like the corner of my yard that is overgrown. That’s the same corner that backs up to the corner of my neighbor’s yard and his junk pile.  We all sort of pretend that area isn’t there.  I hate when the dogs go in there (because [...]

Panama’s Birthday

ShareDog’s birthdays are lots of fun. You can make a huge fuss if you want to or you can skip it entirely. It’s all for you and it’s all up to you. Not that the dogs don’t love a party. They do. Especially the food part. And the toys but mostly the food.
I confess that [...]