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I am not an animal rights activist and are cockroaches animals?

ShareI had the strangest dream the other night.  It involved a palmetto bug. This is a palmetto bug:

I never knew what a palmetto bug was until I moved to the south.  Officially they are in the cockroach family but calling them that makes them seem even creepier to me. Unlike common cockroaches they don’t travel [...]

Getting a Dog – Adult or Puppy?

ShareIn your consideration of what kind of dog to get this is a big choice. There are great benefits and advantages on either side of this choice.
There is nothing cuter than a puppy and cuteness does a lot, it also costs a lot in training and energy. Are you prepared to train a puppy [...]

Happy 14070! (That’s 2010 in dog years.)

ShareA widely circulated old wives tale says that one year for a dog is equal to seven human years.  There are many references to this in our culture in movies, book titles, comedy routines and in off-handed comments.  These days we have people researching a lot about dogs because dogs have become big business and [...]