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Things Your Dog Will Need

ShareThere are an unlimited number of things you can buy for your dog.  Some are terribly dangerous.  Some are poorly made.  Many are unhealthy.  Some are loads of fun even if they are more for you than for the dog.  There are, however, not a whole lot of things you actually need for a dog. [...]

Questions to Ask the Dog’s Previous Owner (or Shelter, Fostermom)

ShareYou want to get as much information as possible to help you decide on a dog and as much info as you can get to help the dog make the smoothest transition to your household.  There is very little info on some dogs but a great deal on others, depending on where you are getting [...]

Where to Find a Dog

ShareThere are a wide variety of places to look for an adult dog.  Your town probably has an animal shelter, maybe a couple.  There are many different types of rescue groups.  The majority of them in my experience are very good but some are awful. Be careful. There are a few rescue groups (or individuals) [...]

Finding the Right Dog 4 – Lifestyle Issues – Travel and Boarding

ShareTravel and Boarding
How you travel and how much you travel (or how much you would like to travel in the future) is a serious issue in considering what dog to get (and how many dogs to own).  There are many dogs who live in RVs and I have even been contacted by a few long [...]

Finding the Right Dog 3 – Lifestyle Issues – Exercise Requirements

ShareExercise Requirements
Dogs need exercise. You will find some dogs who are couch potatoes and whose behavior is not as notably different if they have not gotten exercise but these will often be the ones you have to put on a diet and try to exercise or they will get fat. I believe that every dog [...]

Finding the Right Dog 2 – Lifestyle Issues – Grooming/Shedding

ShareThis is the second article about finding the right adult dog for your family. First we looked at the issue of size. This article looks at issues of grooming/shedding. Next articles cover exercise and your travel habits.
Grooming or Natural?
A major item in life with dogs is dog hair. You need to consider the amount [...]

Finding the Right Dog 1- Lifestyle Issues – Size Matters

ShareWhat size dog do you want? Here’s my own breakdown of dog sizes after having given it a lot of thought. Most dogs fit into carry-on, lap, med/large and big. The actual poundage varies depending on your own poundage, strength and stamina.
Big dogs have two major characteristics: You can’t lift them up and they [...]

Getting a Dog – Adult or Puppy?

ShareIn your consideration of what kind of dog to get this is a big choice. There are great benefits and advantages on either side of this choice.
There is nothing cuter than a puppy and cuteness does a lot, it also costs a lot in training and energy. Are you prepared to train a puppy [...]