I am not an animal rights activist and are cockroaches animals?

I had the strangest dream the other night.  It involved a palmetto bug. This is a palmetto bug:

I never knew what a palmetto bug was until I moved to the south.  Officially they are in the cockroach family but calling them that makes them seem even creepier to me. Unlike common cockroaches they don’t travel in gazillions. You might find one in your house and one a few days later but not hoards of them. (Not even if you shut the lights off really fast.)  I do not like these critters. Not at all. I admit to killing them when I see them in my house.  (I might consider catching them and putting them outside but they are too hard to catch.)

In my dream however the palmetto bug followed my commands much as my dogs do and afterward it crawled up onto my cheekbone and sat happily much as Java sits on my shoulder. And in the dream it was ok. In the dream the bug was smart and friendly and was apparently part of my pack.

Maybe I had this dream as a result of the thoughts I’d been having about PETA. I am very much in opposition to PETA even though I think 90% of what they do is good. My big opposition is because I don’t even want to contemplate a world or a life with no pets and that is what PETA would have.  Perhaps in such a world I would learn to be friends with the cockroaches. I’m not looking forward to that and even though they are God’s creatures, I’ll be killing them when they come in my house.  I’d like to be more evolved but I’m sorry. I’m not there yet.

Please note:  There is a big difference between animal rights and animal welfare. I am an animal welfare advocate.

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