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Grinding Dog Nails – You can master this.

ShareDog’s nails are almost always too long and dog owners who will do anything are sometimes still hesitant to trim the dog’s nails. I was one of them and I know. I was so afraid of clipping the dogs’ nails too short. It wasn’t until three groomers in a row  ”quicked” Panama that I decided [...]

Imagine my displeasure…

ShareDispleasure is an understatement. Dog poop indoors is never a happy event. There really is no good place for a dog to poop indoors but that doesn’t stop them from finding the absolute worst place and using it. This morning Ken said he had cleaned dog poop up in the living room. “Odd” I thought. [...]

Who’s Your Emergency Vet?

ShareDo you know what time your vet’s office closes? Do you know if there is someone on duty all night? Are they open on Saturday? You probably don’t need to know these things today but on the day you do it might be too late to make an alternate plan.
Veterinary practices vary widely. Some vets [...]

Evacuating with Pets – Have a Plan

ShareWould you be prepared to make a quick evacuation from your home with your family of pets?  I remember waking up from a nap on the grass at a rest stop just over the border into NC one morning. It was a beautiful morning. I had two leashes clipped to my belt loop and the [...]

Stop Puppy Biting

ShareYoung puppies bite and chew. They are teething and they will bite and chew on anything, including you.  It’s your job to teach them not to and it’s not hard to do if you are consistent in your training.
Here’s how you do it: As soon as the pup touches you with his mouth you give [...]

National Pet Dental Month

ShareI’ve been informed – through advertisements mostly – that February is National Pet Dental Month. (I hope it’s still Black History Month too but that’s another topic.) I have a lot to say about pet dental health and as only you dog lovers will understand, I can get huffy on the subject of dogs’ teeth. [...]

Traveling in Cars (and Trucks) with Dogs

How does your dog travel? The picture above (left) was taken from my car a few weeks ago. People scare me to death when they travel this way with dogs but I know a lot of dogs love it and a lot of dog lovers travel this way. It may be better than making the [...]