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We hate fleas.  Some of you are lucky enough to live in an area where fleas don’t become a real problem. We have a problem with them.  For years I’ve used Advantage to get rid of them.  A few people have asked me lately about Advantage Multi which also protects against heartworm.  Although all of my dogs are on heartworm protection and I consider it vital I will not use Advantage Multi for a couple of reasons.

The heartworm preventive in AM is moxidectin. This is the same preventive that was used in Proheart6 from Fort Dodge that was pulled off the market a few years ago when it killed a number of dogs.  I may be too cautious but I know that ivermectin has been used for many years and there have been no issues except for ivermectin sensitive breeds (mostly collies and herding breeds). Heartgard and most of the other popular heartworm preventives are based on ivermectin.

We have sometimes used Advantage more often than once a month. One summer we used it almost weekly.  I would not want to subject my dogs to moxidectin (or any other drug) in higher doses than they need and would not want it to build up.  I give each dog a dose of heartworm preventive monthly. I don’t want it mixed with anything I might not have to give monthly or more often than monthly.

When using Advantage I spend only a fraction of what you’d spend if you buy the size labeled for your 10 pound or less dog and we don’t use more than necessary. These are serious chemicals after all.  Here’s an excerpt from a page on my site about Advantage:

A four month supply of Advantage for a dog up to 10 pounds contains a total of 1.6 ml. and costs $38.99. A four month supply of the same compound for a dog over 55 pounds contains a total of 16 ml and costs $42.99.  (This is the cost at in Nov. ‘04). This breaks down as follows:

1.6 ml (approx. 32 drops -8 drops per monthly dose) @ 38.99 = 24.36 per ml
16 ml (approx. 320 drops – 80 drops per monthly dose) @ 42.99 = 2.68 per ml.

If you don’t like math think of it this way:

Ten times the amount for only $4.00 more!

For an 8 pound dog, this would save you around $70. a year – that’s a lot of Kongs!

If you’d like to read the whole page, click here.

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