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This article is in response to the comments on the  piece I wrote Tuesday, Getting the dog in the bag.

There are some big differences between owning big dogs and little dogs. Some of us have both. It is sometimes like having two different species of pets because the lifestyles can be so different.  I know some people who live big-dog lifestyles with little dogs.  I also know people who have 80 pound lap dogs.  There are concessions that need to be made for dog size though and sometimes for age or infirmity.    I have dogs who range from 4 1/2 pounds to 40 pounds.  Panama Red is the biggest of the little dogs at about 12 pounds. He’s a pretty good size to walk on a leash. He’s just big enough to not get stepped on. The smaller dogs are too little to walk in a crowd or at an event. They get swallowed up and people seem oblivious of them. Baji at almost 7 pounds will walk nicely on a leash but isn’t safe if there are a lot of people around. She’s small enough to go in a bag and is generally safer there.  The little ones also get tired. They can’t always walk as far or as long as their people can.

No matter the size of the dog, he needs exercise.  Being carried in a bag is a means of visiting places that would otherwise be difficult but the dog will need some other exercise if  he’s not walking. Fortunately these dogs are so small they can get ample exercise indoors playing fetch or doing some other little dog activity.

My favorite all around bag is the roller bag. This bag can be used when flying with a little dog as it fits under the seat in front of you (although it doesn’t seem like it would).  There are many similar variations of it but this one is the greatest price when you get it from It holds up to 22 pounds, can be used as a backpack or wheeled. It has a pick-up handle (but no shoulder strap) as well as the telescoping handle.  Your car’s seat belt can slip through the straps on the back making it a passable car seat (my dogs like car seats that lift them up so they can see out the window).  It comes in black and tan. (I have the tan one. It matches the duffle style bag shown below.) The regular price is $29.99 which is a real deal but sometimes it’s on sale even cheaper.

Another standard bag (that can also be used for flying) is the duffle style, sometimes called a Sherpa. These too come in a wide variety of colors with different features but the good basic bag is available from in red, black or tan for $24.99 (on sale right now for $18.74). PetEdge doesn’t sponsor this site or pay me anything I just love ordering from them. You want to order from them when you’re getting more than $75. worth of merchandise to avoid a handling charge but they have tons of stuff at great prices. Be sure to check them out.

We also have a sling from Outward Hound.

One other item that I have found useful is a stroller. If you have the roller bag and only one small dog you may not need it. If you do decide on a stroller make sure to get one that has the main hold that converts to a carrier.
When you’re looking for any of these items, look at and search Ebay. You may be surprised at the number of sellers of new pet items on Ebay.
My next article will be on car seats and car safety. See you then!

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