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Containing Dogs & Walking Dogs

ShareThis article is in response to the comments on the  piece I wrote Tuesday, Getting the dog in the bag.
There are some big differences between owning big dogs and little dogs. Some of us have both. It is sometimes like having two different species of pets because the lifestyles can be so different.  I know [...]

Yucky Dogs! What a mess.

ShareI really don’t like gross yucky stuff. I also don’t like the corner of my yard that is overgrown. That’s the same corner that backs up to the corner of my neighbor’s yard and his junk pile.  We all sort of pretend that area isn’t there.  I hate when the dogs go in there (because [...]

Getting the dog in the bag

ShareI bought a really nice travel bag on Ebay and it arrived yesterday, earlier than I expected.  It’s not for any one of the littles in particular but will work for Baji, Brighid or Java.  We have numerous carriers/roller bags/strollers and they are all good for different things. I really intended this bag for smuggling. [...]

Panama’s Birthday

ShareDog’s birthdays are lots of fun. You can make a huge fuss if you want to or you can skip it entirely. It’s all for you and it’s all up to you. Not that the dogs don’t love a party. They do. Especially the food part. And the toys but mostly the food.
I confess that [...]

Moving – It’s rough on dogs.

ShareImagine going for a ride and when you get home your house is no longer there. A completely different house has taken it’s place but people are acting like it’s your house. Your stuff is not there. (Stuff being familiar smells mostly – I think smells substitute for what we think of as memory a [...]

Kill Fleas Cheaper

ShareWe hate fleas.  Some of you are lucky enough to live in an area where fleas don’t become a real problem. We have a problem with them.  For years I’ve used Advantage to get rid of them.  A few people have asked me lately about Advantage Multi which also protects against heartworm.  Although all of [...]

Happy 14070! (That’s 2010 in dog years.)

ShareA widely circulated old wives tale says that one year for a dog is equal to seven human years.  There are many references to this in our culture in movies, book titles, comedy routines and in off-handed comments.  These days we have people researching a lot about dogs because dogs have become big business and [...]