About Our Advertising

I’m sure you’ll have noticed that there is no shortage of advertising on this blog.  We are a part of Google AdSense which is a program that allows blogs and web sites to provide relevant Google advertising to viewers and provides the site and blog owners with payment for the ads that our viewers click on.  As you might guess clicks are paid in pennies and it takes a lot of viewers to generate any serious revenue. If you are like me you probably don’t click on a whole lot of ads. On the other hand, every now and then I’ve found something invaluable on web site advertising.

The way the system should work is that the ads on our site will be relevant to the content and therefore relevant to you, helpful instead of intrusive. Notice I said “should”.  These systems just aren’t perfected yet (are any, ever?)  Sometimes you will find irrelevant ads or even impossible ads. One (that I think has been fixed) would link ebay advertising with a key phrase such as poodle puppies and come up with something like “hundreds of poodle puppies for sale on Ebay.”  (There were no puppies for sale on Ebay. Live animals are prohibited there but it would get some puppy lovers VERY  upset.)

Please keep an open mind about our advertising, check out what might be relevant to you, forgive any glitches and as always, be wary about anything you are told.  The fact that an ad is shown on this site does not mean that I support the advertiser (or that I don’t). Be careful as in all your transactions. Hopefully we will be providing you with some useful information in the form of advertising.