About This Blog

Dogs are the center of my life and they keep me centered in my life.  I am not currently breeding or training puppies but my site still elicits a lot of questions from dog lovers, puppy parents and others so I have decided to do this blog, answering questions, providing information and doing one of the other things I like best: offering my opinions.  I’ll do my best to keep fact and opinion separate and let you know which I am offering. I abhor bad and incorrect information so when I am providing facts and figures I will provide you with my sources, if I am expressing opinion or speaking from experience I’ll let you know that too.

If you have ever gotten involved in any dog forums online (or some animal organizations off line) you will have found that there are many different factions in the world of animal lovers.  Some very heated discussions take place and sometimes people are even hateful toward each other. I don’t plan to promote that. Each of us who love animals has something to offer.  There was a time when I was not a good pet guardian. That was because I was ignorant. I had not yet learned to be as good with animals and to do as good for them as I do now. I am willing to bet that a few years from now I will know more and be better still. I offer this place to all of you at any place in your journey. Hopefully we will all be doing our best and learning new information we can use to do even better.  There are some things we will disagree on and that is a good thing. We would never be able to learn so much or so fast if we were all in agreement. What would we have to give thought to?

Mainly I am here and invite you here because we have dogs in common and dogs make us feel good. As dog lovers we seem to love to share our stories, our cuteness and our dog love with others. The dogs seem to be a very good influence on us and I’m all for promoting that. I am a “dog person” but I am also an animal lover and we have cats in our house as well. (I am married to a “cat person”). There is no need to limit our animal conversation to dogs only. Please join me here, read the blog, leave comments, contact me, upload your pictures to our facebook page so we know who you are and generally be involved. The Internet is a wonderful place because of the boundary-less world it provides us and I’d like to take advantage of that. Welcome to my world.