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See "The Paque" hanging out at home and puppies we've had. Prepare to get cozy - there are loads of pictures.

A Story by Panama Red

Photo Essays, funny stuff, cute stuff.
Added 06/28/04

Panama's Great Discovery 06/28/04


Breeder's Statement - Who I am, why I do what I do, how I feel about it and what makes my puppies special. Please read this.
Remember the other dogs - Something to consider while you're planning to get a dog.
Available Puppies - What's available or what will be soon.
Meet the Paque:  Our Mamas & Papas
Read about how we raise our puppies here.
Our puppies are crate trained. Read about Crate Training and Housebreaking.
Additional Puppy Training - It's more than Tricks & Manners but that's a good place to start. We get your puppy started on the right track. This page includes a video clip of training.
Reserving your puppy - Deposit, shipping info and other logistical details.
Getting your pup from here to there - numerous options.
Information about how big these puppies will be when they grow up is here.
Health and safety is very important. Read about it here.
Feeding your puppy - Diet and treat info.
How much grooming is needed? Can you do some yourself? Find out here.
AKC, CKC, Puppy Mills, Pet Stores, Show Breeders...What Really Matters?
Dogs love to ride in the car and are good long distance travelers too. Travel tips specific to our little dogs can be found on this page.
Dogs & Dirt & Doggie Doors - Some thoughts on keeping the mess to a minimum.
Poodle Colors and Markings - Do you know a parti from a phantom? You will after reading this page
About Tail Docking.  It's time to re-think some foolish traditions. Fashion amputations are a good place to start. We don't cut puppies tails off.
Austins's Big Trip - Austin got to fly in an airplane and go on a vacation with mom!
A Story by Panama Red - This story has gotten rave reviews by everyone who's read it so I'm adding it to the table of contents to make it more visible.
Video Clips - Video clips will be linked from the pages they pertain to but you can find an index of the video clips here. There are some very cute clips that have been optimized to play as quickly as possible.
Links to dog related organizations, publications and  odds and ends I like.
Health Warrantee


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