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Better fix a cup of tea and get comfy. There are a lot of pictures here!

When I look at breeder's pages I'm always disappointed that there aren't more pictures. You're not likely to feel that way here. I've taken approximately 450 pictures and divided them into 12 galleries. These pictures span a few years and I had to cull them out of thousands of pictures. If you're a parent you know how hard it is to get rid of pictures of the kids - even the bad pictures - so please forgive me if some pictures are very similar. If there are any duplicates I'm sorry. I've tried to remove them all
Puppy pictures. These pictures of puppies born here. There are more pictures of some litters than others. (Sometimes I'm just too busy taking care of them.)  These pups are all at their  wonderful new homes. Many of them are no longer puppies. Some of the puppies that we've kept may be mixed in here but for the most part they have their own galleries. Puppies 1 Puppies 2 Puppies 3
Puppies 4 Puppies 5 Puppies 6
  Puppies 7  
Our Dogs as Pups - These are pictures of my dogs as puppies. These dogs are not for sale. Adults as Pups 1
Adults as Pups 2
Our Dogs  - These are pictures of our dogs at home, hanging out, being dogs. There are a mixture of adults and pups for a simple reason: Most of the time we've had some adults and some puppies that we were raising as future breeders (or just keeping as pets)   Our Dogs 1 Our Dogs 2 Our Dogs 3
In the future I hope to add galleries as I have the photos for them. You'll get to see new ones more often and I'll save myself the work of having to sort through so many pictures at once.


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