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Welcome to Poodle Junction. My name is Bunni and I'm the breeder/trainer/midwife and domestic help for a house full of toy and small miniature poodles.

You'll find, as you look around that this is not your average poodle site and I am not your average breeder. The dogs you'll see on these pages are my family, my best friends (sorry Vicki) and my constant companions. I'm a little more "over-the-top" than you will probably be with your dog and that's fine. We can't all be eccentric-poodle-women but it's good to have a puppy who's gotten his start with one.

I send very civilized eight week old puppies to new homes all over the United States. The puppies who leave here have a good background in litter box training and crate training. I'll give you complete info on how to carry on these good habits. They will answer to their names and will sit on command (at the very least). We also keep your lifestyle in mind while raising your puppy. I have sent home puppies who have been trained in dealing with a "big dog", or climbing a ramp to get to his wheelchair-bound owner's lap (because he wasn't big enough to jump that far yet), or riding a skateboard.

I do not have a long questionnaire that needs to be filled out by those who want my puppies. I do speak to each potential puppy parent by phone before reserving pups or taking deposits. My requirements are simple: I want a happy home for each of my puppies, forever. I assume (usually rightly) that those who want my puppies are willing to provide that but that some will need more information and puppy education. I enthusiastically provide that.

I've moved the list of topics covered on this site off the opening page because we were outgrowing ourselves. Please use Table of Contents to find your way around.

We have skads of information on raising your puppy, lots of pictures of our dogs at home and at their new homes and some fun items like stories by or about Panama Red. We also have video clips so you can see the puppies in action. Beware: When you get finished looking at this site you won't just want one of our puppies...you might want to come and live with us! (Visiting us is always lots of fun and you're welcome to do that.)

Finally, we have some very satisfied poodle parents who will verify everything I have to say on this site and tell you (probably more than you want to hear) about how great their dogs are and how they enjoyed dealing with me and my paque.


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